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Search requests can be entered either in Cyrillic or in Latin script. For personal names that are supported by authority control we are offering you both the Cyrillic and Latin form of the name.


If you are unsure of the correct form of a name, you can use the expand function in advanced search to browse the search indexes. Type in the beginning of the author's name and click the expand (expand) button. You will get a list of names, from which you can select the correct one. Note! Both Cyrillic and Latin forms of names are displayed in Latin script. The name will be copied to the search box automatically. If you wish, you can also type the correct name into the search box.

Personal names

Personal names in authors fields or fields with names used as subject headings are inverted - the surname is followed by the first name(s). A comma and a space are placed between the surname and the first name. In phrase search, names must be entered as follows: Surname, Name.


"wilde, oscar"

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